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Working with customers based in broad and respected sectors.

Food Industry 

Pharmacutical Indusry

Construction Industry 

Automotive Industry 

Our freight solutions to complex problems

We solve your logistic problems through our core services: road, air, sea and courier.

We strive to provide a cost effective, friendly and efficient freight-forwarding solution adding value to your business operation by ensuring detailed and accurate information is available from the point of collection through to the final destination. 

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Road Freight

The road solution that is versatile to your logistic requirements. We transport small volumes with consolidation services, and large volumes with dedicated trucks.


Air Freight

The air solution can deliver goods in rapid turnaround time. Our team specialise in just-in-time deliveries in order to avoid disruption to your production.  

Cargo Ship at Port

Sea Freight

The sea solution is ideal if time requirements are not the concern, but cost is. This solution is ideal when transporting large volumes over long distances.

Fragile Mail

Courier Service

The courier solution can be cost-effective when sending small goods. At 512 we have a dedicated platform that enables us to seamlessly book courier services at reduced rates.

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Custom clearance 

512 is a specialist in-house customs broker contributing to the success of your business. We analyse your needs and develop optimal import and export solutions.

Our experienced customs brokerage team provide 24/7 import & export customs declarations. Our in-depth knowledge of custom law, rules and regulations, tariff classification and import duty rates allows us to offer customs clearance at all major UK entry points with full control, flexibility and visibility for your business.

Green Buildings

Sustainable logistics

Green ideas and climate risk awareness are currently the main drivers, not only for business, but also in our private and community life. 


Sustainability in logistics refers to the practices and processes aimed at improving the sustainability of supply-chain activities. Transport is second only to the energy sector in terms of CO2 emissions and greenhouse gas production, therefore it is responsible for one-fifth of the global CO2 emissions.


How do we combat this? Technology and data. 512 uses data to improve inefficient systems within the supply chain and pairs this with the technology of renewable energy. Efficient systems are becoming a regular part of global logistics and 512 supports this movement.

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